“Uncomfortable, My Love”

Mum: Are you ok?
Sol: I want to cry.
Mum: I guess mum did something wrong?
Sol: Mum, you ideas is right.
I am a little uncomfortable now.
Mum: I am really sorry.
Are you still uncomfortable?
Let mum help you. shower, then change into new clothes.
If you are hungry, I can make milk for you. Then change your nappy.
Sol: Thank you mum
When I finish cry, I will be ok.
Mum, I want to hug
Mum: Yeah, you can whenever you want
Mum likes when we hug
Are you feel like better now?
Sol: Wait few minutes.
Mum: Okay.
I’ll wait for you.
I will be here, until you want me to do something for you.
Sol: Mum, when we go out, can you take dad with us.
Mum: I will try.
If dad has something else he needs to do, we should wait for him, then invite him to come with us.
Sol: Thank you, mum
Because I love dad as well as mum.
Mum: You are right, Mum always think everyone has the same time available, but we all need to use our time differently.
Sol: Mum, Do I use your time?
Mum: You are mum’s time, so mum enjoys being with you.
Sol: Mum, mum, you are so warm.
How can I say thank you?
Mum: When you saw someone is uncomfortable, you should ask them, Can I help you?
Sol: ok, I will remember.
Should I do this for everyone?
Mum: Yes, Because Although you are small, your heart should still be big.
Sol: Great!
Mum: Are you still uncomfortable?
Sol: No, I’m a little better now.
I guess I want to sleep for a few hours.
Mum: Okay, mum will stay by your side.


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