“Where Do The Voices Come From?”

Sol: Mum~
Can you hear a voice when we go out?
Mum: I guess.
What did you hear?
Sol: a lot of frogs and seven or eight parrots.
Mum: Wow!
You can try talking to them.
Sol: Don’t be loud please, I don’t want to let them know I am visiting their home.
Mum: Okay, I am sorry, Sol
I will be quite.
Sol: I also saw bilbies climbing the roof.
Mum: Wonderful!!!
Mum didn’t see.
But last time, when we went to the zoo, I saw Seahorses, Geckos, Fish, penguins, giraffes, Tigers, Lions, Snakes, Seals , Elephants, Squirrel Monkeys, Dingos, Tasmanian Devils and much more///
Sol: That is so cool!
Why can’t I remember them?
Mum: Because you were busy talking with your cousin, and later you had a large nap.
Sol: Hahahaha~
Mum, Did I pay for tickets?
Mum: No, I guess.
Sol: I am so sorry. Actually, I should pay, so I will focus on seeing all the different animals at the zoo.
Mum: You can pay if you want.
Or when you become a teenage, you can go to the zoo by yourself.
Sol: I really like them.
Mum: Me too.
When I listen to their voices, it’s like taking part in a music party
Sol: Hahahahahahaha


^The Article of Nature^