Angel Of Thunder

With a bang, the rain just fell from the sky. The dogs outside the door are howling. The raindrops are not very big, but the flowers and trees can absorb the coolness and sweetness. It turns out that we have also been rewarded by the rain god. And the wind god in the morning also reminded us that this day is destined to be blessed, the earth presents a charm, and there is another roar, and the outside of the window will no longer be monotonous. It’s just that the neighbor’s dog has become unable to extricate himself, and then the cat in the yard has lost the joy and dominance of the past. Obviously, cats are smarter than us! The wooden railings shook their heads in the gentle wind, making the violin once again a stage for performances. After a while, there was another roar, which really made us dance. It sent away the heat and brought colorless and odorless rain. Although the color is a bit muddy, it takes time to settle and it can become a clear and bright river. Wouldn’t it be my happiness to be able to receive this love while staying at home. There was another roar, another wave of wind, and it was conceivable that the gray tiles of the roof were also enjoying the coolness of the rain. Wow, and the crows chirping, are they conveying emotion? Shouting three times in a row, and repeating the rhythm at the beginning, other crows in the vicinity have also been set up as emotional mailboxes, which is really interesting. Never tired of fun, full of surprises.


^The Article of Nature^